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Exterior Auto Detail Wash & Wax Pricing

Our prices are based on doing everything that is needed, and nothing that is not. We will raise your car to the highest level of perfection that is within the realm of possibility. Once we hit the "reset button" on the exterior and interior of your car, we can come back once a week, every two/three weeks, or once a month at a discounted flat rate to keep it maintained and shining at the highest level. We just want to make it super easy for you to keep things clean. Alternatively, if you are going to only want your car detailed a few times per year, we will be ready.

2 Door Coupe $150

4 Door Sedan: $160

Pickup / SUV (2 Row): $170

Large Truck / SUV (3 Row): $180

Minivan: $190

**Prices listed above are minimums based on cars that are in new to average condition. 


Additional Services

Ceramic Coating

Paint Enhancement / Polish

Clay Bar / Iron Decontamination (exfoliation of paint)

Headlight Restoration

Overspray Removal

Black Trim Restoration

Engine Bay Detail

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