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Thoughtful Mobile Auto Detailing
San Francisco, CA

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Danny McElmury

California Native, San Francisco resident (since 1997), obsessed with auto detailing, loves baseball, Mexican food, Star Wars, and audiobooks. Went to art school for photography, married with two kids, and sometimes listens to "Yacht Rock".

We know you've been disappointed with cheap & quick car washes. When you get your car back, it is easy to see areas that were glossed over and details that were were missed. At Danny's Auto Detailing, we take work hard to hit the "Reset Button" on your car each time. When it comes to cleaning interiors, and waxing cars, we are meticulous. No crevice or crack will go untouched. We are not a car wash. Our methods are very thoughtful and thorough from top to bottom. Your car is in the best hands!


We make it hassle-free by offering three detailing services:

Exterior Detail A gentle and thorough hand wash and decontamination that adds slickness, shine, and protection to the exterior of your vehicle.

Interior Detail Restore the interior of your vehicle to the highest level of perfection within the realm of possibility. Hit the "Reset Button".

Complete Detail Combined Exterior & Interior Detail

Our goal is to raise your car to the highest level of perfection within the realm of possibility. We never add services just because. We only recommend what is needed.

With us, you will always get our best work. We detail each car with thoughtfulness and care and use only the safest processes ensuring your vehicle is clean, shiny, and protected. We accept cash and credit cards for payment.

Ask about our Paint enhancement and Ceramic coating services

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Call or Text: 415-726-4030

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"Really happy with Danny’s work on my car!! It looks fantastic. The attention to every detail goes a long way. The car looks refreshed and sharp. I am so glad I did it - was 100% worth the money. He was clear that he was not about speed but about depth and quality and it was exactly that. He was very professional. I highly recommend the investment in his services." - Julia H.

What are the benefits of working with us?

  1. We are mobile so we come to you.

  2. We are thoughtful and thorough from start to finish.

  3. You won't be wasting your money on sub-par work. 

  4. You can go about your day while we care for your car as if it were our own.


All our services are reported to your vehicle history report

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